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Stash is a new way of living, moving, and thinking. Designed in Europe, the Stash was born from the ‘pencil’ of designer Adrian Morton, Design Director of C-Creative, who took inspiration from some of the most fascinating motorbikes of recent years and was able to fully interpret Vmoto’s vision for this electric motorcycle.    ‘Beyond practicality’ is the performance guaranteed by the Stash’s electric motor. It features a rated power of 9.0 kW, and a peak of 14.4 kW, which made available thanks to a boost function.    When conditions allow, riding the Stash at a speed of 120 km/h and then activating the boost function will raise the bike’s limit to 125 Km/h, with the aim of shortening the space needed to overtake, allowing safer manoeuvres.   The capacious internal storage can accommodate a helmet or a bag, making the Stash the perfect commuter bike: whether the destination is the office, the gym, or an evening out with friends, this two-wheeler combines agility and practicality.    The chassis is both stiff and light, matched with both top-quality suspension and 17-inch wheels just like a true road bike.


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