New BSA Bikes For Sale

Here at Oakley Motorcycles in Maidstone, we'd like to introduce you to the all-new BSA Gold Star, that is now backed by a four-year manufacturer's warranty!

Reviving the legend in style, BSA  has unveiled its latest masterpiece. Following its acquisition by Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of the esteemed Mahindra Group in October 2016, the anticipation has been palpable and the wait is finally over.

Reimagined for the modern era, the BSA Gold Star embodies the spirit of its iconic predecessor while embracing contemporary advancements. It's not just a motorcycle; it's a symbol of heritage, performance, and timeless design.

Starting at £5,999, feast your eyes on the Shadow Edition (available from  £5,999) and the Legacy Edition (available from £6,999).

Experience the resurgence of a legend. Welcome back, BSA Gold Star.

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