New VMOTO Soco Bikes For Sale


For environmentally aware commuters, VMOTO Soco is the electric transport provider that delivers affordable, convenient commuting. Super Soco provide zero-emission electric vehicles that are quicker, better value than any 125cc or 50cc, and more flexible to use than public transport or a car.

Based around core values of making independent travel both accessible and affordable, VMOTO Soco offer a range of learner legal motorcycles and scooters capable of delivering environmentally friendly transport to all. Whether you’ve been looking at 50cc mopeds & 125cc motorbikes or passing the time waiting for buses & trains, the electric alternatives are ready to change the way you commute.

Given the choice, they know that all of us want to protect the planet. But that shouldn’t come with compromise or unnecessary expense.  VMOTO Soco bikes are made with removable lithium-ion batteries. Providing bikes that are powerful enough to cope with day-to-day travel, whilst light enough to benefit from removable batteries. This allows reliable electrified transport to the 40% of UK households without off-street parking. No need to wait for infrastructure when your household plug is enough to charge your bike.

Unlike many of the other brands imported into the UK, VMOTO Soco is a manufacturer. Rather than outsourcing production to different factories, they manufacture the majority of the vehicles completely in-house to ensure the highest levels of quality control.

Join VMOTO Soco's mission to make electric affordable!

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