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As the gateway into the Zero Motorcycles naked street model line, the all-new Zero S delivers more thrills than any 11kW motorcycle before it. Though its name may be familiar, the 2024 Zero Motorcycles S is a totally new machine with entirely improved capabilities. A new battery, a whole new style, and a brand-new motor all make the Zero S a considerable candidate for your daily ride. Electrify your ride with the 2024 Zero S to make any regular ride around town anything but regular.

Z-FORCE 75-7

The all-new Z-Force 75-7 motor is Zero’s latest in a long line of enhanced thermal efficiency, passively air-cooled, interior permanent magnet AC motors. The 2024 Z-Force 75-7 shares the exterior motor hardware of the powerhouse SR/F to shed heat fast but utilizes different interior architecture to maximize power and drastically reduce weight. The result is overall cost savings for a category killer in the naked street electric class.


Just like the best naked electric motorcycles from Zero, the 2024 S features the proprietary concentric motor and swingarm pivot design, providing optimal architecture to ensure constant drive-belt tension and maximum torque delivery to the rear wheel. A custom-designed, large-bearing swingarm pivot allows ample space for the high-performance motor while allowing a slim chassis waist to enhance rider ergonomics and bike maneuverability.

The 2024 Zero S is updated with Zero’s latest Cypher III+ operating system with a suite of downloadable performance upgrades. Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), is equal parts brawn and brains. Effortless power is paired with intuitive control, creating the new standard for premium 11kW performance at an incredibly attainable price point. The Zero S is an adaptable motorcycle and powertrain combination that navigates variable terrain and conditions, effortlessly.


The absolute gold standard for electric motorcycle operating systems, Cypher III+ is the conductor behind an orchestra of instruments propelling the Zero S. The Zero S is infinitely customizable and comes with the ability to add new Cypher Features through the NextGen app. Elevate your ride with the ultimate riding experience.


The Zero S's arsenal of ride modes allows the rider to customize the bike's performance through Zero’s intuitive NextGen app and dash interface. The S navigates the road no matter the conditions with Rain, Eco, Standard, Sport, and Canyon modes pre-loaded along with a virtually infinite number of custom-tuned mode adjustments available.

The Zero S is not just connected, but truly "smart" with the Cypher III+ OS and OTA updates. Customize the dash, access the NextGen app with standard features, and enjoy limitless possibilities. Futureproof intelligence and unmatched power make the S the ultimate ride with seamless connection in every detail.


The Zero S is connected through cellular networks, transmitting info to the NextGen app at all times. The app offers access to a host of ride information including current bike status and location that are always available. This connectivity gives the rider the ability to monitor the bike in four main areas: Bike Status & Alerts, Charging, Ride Data Sharing, and OTA System Updates.


Zero’s NextGen app works with the dash and Cypher III+ to create a feature-rich ecosystem with access to new Cypher Features where new features can be selected with the tap of a finger. Faster Charging, On-Dash Navigation, and Parking Mode are just a few of the features available for you to choose from. Other features already included for free within the app include ride mode selection and creation, personalized dash options, scheduled and target-based charging, and so much more.

Looking for an electrifying ride that's easy to own? Look no further than Zero Motorcycles' S, DS, and FXE models, all available with our powerful 11 kW motor. Experience the thrill of the open road with Zero's S model, a sporty and nimble ride that offers the best ride experience in its class.


Riders holding an A1 licence with a CBT (compulsory basic training) enables anyone 17 and up to ride one of our 11kW models, including the FXE 11kW. A car drivers licence enables the holder to ride 11kW motorcycles after taking and passing the CBT.

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