CFMOTO 800MT Touring

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800MT Touring 

The road ahead is not always clearly defined. Down each path, and around every unknown bend, new discoveries await. Sometimes you don’t know where to go, but you couldn’t care less.

Immerse in the free, intense adrenaline, strong emotions. Every day will be inspiring. The journey, ultimately the important thing is not where the end of the road is, but where your mind takes you.

The CFMOTO 800MT resets your compass.

Bi-directional quickshifter

Equipped with a bi-directional quickshifter, allowing quick and effortless gear changes for a more focused riding experience.

Cruise control

When travelling over 25mph and in 4th gear or higher, cruise control can be used with buttons to increase or decrease speed.

Cornering ABS

Cornering ABS controls the power output and brake force when cornering to ensure maximum stability and grip.

Side cases and top box

Quick release, waterproof aluminium cases with 63L storage space in total (35L and 28L). The top case has 6L storage space.

Cross-spoke rims

The cross-spoke wheels are lighter and can cope with harsher road conditions. They are also easier to repair in emergencies.

Tyre pressure monitor

The rider can check the tyre pressure in the menu at any time when riding and detect any deviations in tyre pressure promptly.

Steering damper

The steering damper helps to smooth out jolts through the handlebars over difficult terrain, reducing arm fatigue.


  • Bi-directional quickshifter
  • MAXXIS multi-function tubeless tyres
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Cross-spoke rims
  • Steering damper
  • Optional side cases (35L + 28L) and top case (6L)
  • Crash protection bars
  • Cruise control system
  • 19″ front wheel, 17″ rear wheel
  • Cornering ABS
  • Bosch electronics including ECU
  • J.Juan brakes
  • On the fly mapping with dual riding modes
  • CF-SC slipper clutch
  • Styled by the Austrian design team Kiska
  • 19 litre fuel tank capacity
  • KYB USD front forks and rear monoshock
  • All LED lights
  • A-license required

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