New CF Moto 700CL-X

The new CFMOTO 700CL-X. Does X mark the unknown, or does it call us to infinite possibilities? When faced with the uncertain, some find an equation to be solved. Others find themselves at the threshold of possibility.

There are no guarantees on the journey ahead, only miles to be enjoyed on the road ahead. Embrace the possibilities, remove the boundaries and dare to explore diverse terrain. Fraught as it may be with challenges along the way, freedom is on the journey. The bold will enjoy every moment of twisting the throttle toward tomorrow.


Powered by an all-new liquid-cooled 693cc parallel twin engine, the 700CL-X produces up to 55kW, plus 68 Nm of smooth, flowing power. The optimised intake system improves the airflow efficiency for quick-revving power. BOSCH EFI and electronic throttle technology, integrated with high-precision sensors to produce clean, efficient fuel atomisation.


Eye-catching angles and smooth body lines come together for a fresh take on classic style. The 700CL-X is marked by the retro-inspired round headlight, fuel tank aluminium side panels, leather feel seat, multi-spoke alloy wheels and Pirelli tires. The modern X elements of the 700CL-X Heritage break convention by integrating classic design aesthetics.


The newly designed split frame and aluminium alloy swingarm make the curb weight of 700CL-X Heritage only 196kg, which ensures a high power-to-weight ratio, responsive handling and precise control.


In order to meet the needs of daily riding and off-road travel, CFMOTO not only carefully crafted the handling capabilities of the 700CL-X Heritage, but also paid great attention to the ergonomics. The engineers carefully considered the rider triangle for optimum comfort, with the 800mm seat height and upright handlebars to keep your riding experience more relaxed.

Slipper clutch

The CF-SC slipper clutch helps provide smooth, effortless clutch control, which also reduces the rear-wheel chatter when downshifting. Put the quick-revving power of the 700CL-X to optimum use, with smoother acceleration and reduced engine braking. The slipper clutch gives you improved handling performance while providing better safety riding experience.

LED lights

The LED headlight of 700CL-X Heritage adopts a self-adaptive assist system, which can be automatically turned on or off according to the ambient brightness. The turn signals automatically turn off as the direction is adjusted. The retro-style round headlight and embedded taillight proudly display the recognisable features of the 700CL-X.


The round 75mm retro classic style LCD dashboard provides simple and clear riding information. The on-board computer has two on-the-fly riding modes, economic and sport. In addition, the 700CL-X Heritage is equipped with cruise control, with just one touch, the system controls the speed of the bike tailored to your needs.


The 700CL-X Heritage is equipped with J.JUAN brake system. Together with the low centre of gravity and flexible steering, the 700CL-X offers you smooth, powerful braking control. The 700CL-X Heritage is equipped with multiple protection systems, such as Continental ABS, ignition protection, limp mode, rollover sensor and more.


  • 693CC
  • 68NM
  • 73.75HP
  • 196KG

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